“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

Are you having dreams? Do you want to achieve them? Why your cannot achieve your dreams? And how to do that? All of these questions and more with the answers in the following article … Read, and enjoy 😀



You and me have many dreams , some of them virtual and some of them could happen , so why are some of these dreams could not be achieved ?! Although we can make it real !! , if our dreams need only one step from us to be done , can we do that step ?! , of course , most of us will not think and will say quickly yes , I will do that step ! , but if you put him on that step he will stop ! You know why ?! Because of that ghost called FEAR! Which can stop you easily from what you want to do , stop you from being free . I had faced that ghost in my life most of the time , but I kept asking my self , why should I become afraid all the time ? Why…

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Why Q W E R T Y?

At the beginning, this article is not mine, it is quoted from Embedded Art – Project Group, it is a great page on the social network Facebook, the page present awesome technical information and jokes about technology, so we can call it “Technical Sarcasm Society” 😉  I have just added this article because it is so important and I am completely sure you asked yourselves about it before as I am.  So let us begin:
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