New plan for this blog

Hello, World! I’m really sorry for this long period of absence, but I was so busy .. As a senior student, I have a lot to do before graduation 🙂

As you have read in the title, I will put new plan for this blog to be more activated, and never eliminate it.

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Hello, World!

This is my first attempt on, and this is my first post on it. It is very nice blog platform. As a new user on anything, I decided to begin my first post with “Hello, World!”. My blog on WordPress will include my articles and opinions about anything I see in my life, some translated opinions, and articles for other people (after taking the permission to publish it on my own blog). I have another blog about the technology called TechnUX, you can follow me on it and if you have any opinion or comment please share it with me…

I hope that it be a useful for all of you.

Best washes,

Piter Sami.