My name is Peter Samy, born in 1995, and live in Cairo/Egypt. I am 21-years-old. Belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church. Senior student at El Maref Higher Institute for Languages and Translation. I am an Arabic English trainee translator, and writer. Besides all of that, I am a computer amateur.

Interested in:

  • The Languages and the ways of gaining new language;
  • Literature;
  • As a GNU/Linux user, I care about FOSS; and
  • The technology and IT.

I Like:

  • Reading, always I try to read more in different specialisations and fields, and in different languages;
  • The objective and logical discussions;
  • Learning new things;
  • Reading about the languages and the people customs, traditions, civilisations, languages, and dialects;
  • Translating, I hope that one day I will be a perfect translator;
  • Searching, because in searching I learn new things; and
  • Listening music.

I hate:

  • The intolerance, fanaticism, and racial segregation for or against anything and anyone;
  • The educational system and the way that we learnt with;
  • The Close-Source Software, as I told before, I like and support the FOSS; and
  • The taking about politics or religions.

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