Peter Samy, born and live in Egypt, 22 years old. I have graduated from El Ma’aref Higher Institute for Languages and Translation, English Department, very good degree, in 2017. I’m a linguist, translator, proofreader, and computer-translation-oriented.

Communication info:


El-Ma’aref Higher Institute for Languages and Translation (2014-2017) – Very Good

It is a Higher Institute for studying languages and translation, where we learnt the arts of translation, English literature, and linguistics, which helped us in the translation field by improving our linguistical skills, analyse the sentence syntax correctly, and less grammatical mistakes.


Arabic (Native) English (Bilingual) French (Elementary)

Soft skills:

  • Able to work in a team.
  • Interactive and fast enough to learn mew techniques and methods.

Professional Skills:

Linguistical Skills Computer Skills
General, literary and legal translation Office suits (Microsoft Office/ LibreOffice)
proofreading CAT Tool (OmegaT)
Summarisation HTML, CSS & MD


The Happy ManAcademic translation project

A play by Naguib Mahfouz, talks about a journalist whom woke up to find himself happy with no reasonable cause!

Satan In DangerGraduation project

A one-chaper play, written by Tawfiq Al-Halim, about a Satan visits a Philosopher to ask him for an inea to stop the wars in the world.


  • Day Off: Friday
  • Annual Leave: The Paschal Week

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