Switch to FOSS | Introduction

Hello, dears; and welcome back 🙂 A strange title, isn’t it? Well! As you can guess from the title, today we will begin a new series: Switch to FOSS. What is FOSS? Why should I switch to? And how to do that? All of these questions will be answered here, in this simple post 🙂

What is FOSS?

FOSS is an abbreviation/acronym for: Free and Open Source Software. There is another abbreviation: FLOSS: Free/Libre and Open Source Software, which is coined to clarify the misunderstanding for the word ‘free’, which means: free as in Freedom, and free as gratis! Of course, if you want to make business to make money, you will not think of the Free Software because of the word free. That is why the letter ‘L’ had been added.

Why should I switch to FOSS?

Well, many of people ask this question: Why should I leave my current software I use, to switch into your Open Source ones? And here I will share some points with you of the benefits of the FLOSS:

  • Most of the FLOSS are literatim for free, so, instead of paying these thousands of Dollars every year for a propertied software, you will save your money for another purpose;

  • The FLOSS emphasises on the security, to clarify: The Free Software are Open Source also, so, each developer, programmer, or coder codes a piece of software, s/he will share the source code with the users on any platform supports that, like: GitHub. So that: you will be ensured that no one will collect information about you without your permission;

  • When you take a look on the source code, you will know how this application works;

  • If any vulnerability attacked the software you use, you will find many developers work on this bug, because the project itself is open source, and everyone has the freedom of contributing.

  • You also have the ability of contributing and sharing your solutions for any unfixed bug in any piece of software; and

  • If you were not a programmer, you can contribute with translating the app, or at least, to share it!

That is not everything, the Free and Open Source Software has more than that 🙂

What will this series discuss?

When the term Free and Open Source Software is mentioned, people begin to think of GNU/Linux. No! Here, we will not talk about GNU/Linux at all, the word Linux may not be mentioned in any post of this series. We will discuss some alternatives for famous non-free software we use daily, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Why this topic especially?

I’m using Free Software 7 years ago, since 2011 I think! During this period I have recognised to very good Free Software people do not hear about. Last month, I have switched to Open Source alternatives instead of Close Source software I was using, these new stuff I want to share with you, at least to let the people who do not know about these software, to have a look 🙂

My series contains 3 posts at least, however, this number is increasable.

P.S. Because of the projects, studying, and exams, I may not publish any post in some week, it does not mean I will stop publishing, no, I will just be busy 😉

Thank you for you following and paying attention, I’m waiting for your opinions, ideas, questions and suggestions.


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