Business Guy (part 3)

Hello, all! This is our third and final part from Business Guy series. In this series we discuss linguistical theories in semantics. our mean topic is the SAMENESS, and the similarity between words or meanings in the language. If you did not read the last two parts, you can read them from here: Business Guy 1 & Business Guy 2.


In the last part we have ended with a question: “Why cannot I say: ‘Business Guy’ instead of ‘Business Man’?” To answer this question, we have to understand some branch in Semantics, which is: Collocations…

Collocation means two words (and may be more) come together mostly, when the reader/listener read/hear one word, s/he can imagine the other one, like: (‘table’ & ‘chair’) – (‘hammer’ & ‘nail’). This is the same with: ‘Business’ and ‘Man’. Our ears, eyes, and brains are used to see this (Man) follows that (Business). That is why we prefer to say: ‘Business Man’ instead of ‘Business Man’.


For three weeks, we have discussed four semantic branches, and all of them are related to the SAMENESS theory in language; which are:

  • Synonyms: When two or more words share the same meaning;
  • Polysemy: When one word contains two or more related meanings;
  • Homonyms: When one word contains two or more Unrelated meanings; and
  • Collocations: Two or more words mostly come together.

At the end of the series, I hope that these three articles are useful for you … Your opinions are a matter for me, do not scrimp it from me. Leave your opinions, suggestions, and questions in comments, and ensure that I will read all of them. Bye for now 😉



  • Yule, George. The Study of Language; 5thed. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. Web.

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