Business Guy (part 2)

Hello, everybody! In the last week we have discussed the Synonyms, and how two words or more can share one meaning, and also discussed the issue of the Sameness. If you did not read this article, follow this URL.

The question of the last article was: “What if I have a word with many meanings?”. To answer this question we have to know about “Polysemy!”. Polysemy is a Greek word compounds from Poly (πολυ) = many, and Sêma (σῆμα) = sign/ meanings; which means: “many meanings”. We can describe this term as: One word contains two meanings or more, are relatives.

Let’s take some examples to understand it more:

  • The word Head means:
    • A part in the top of the human body; and
    • The adminstration (the top person) at some company
  • The word Mouth means:
    • A part (hole) in the face; and
    • A cave (hole) in a mountain.

OK, what I have a word, contains two or more meanings, with no relationship between them? This case is called “Homonyms” which means: One word with two or more unrelated meanings, for example:

  • Sole:
    • Single;
    • Part of foot or shoe.
  • Mole:
    • A creature;
    • A disease in skin.

OK, OK, that is good, but there is a question is still not answered: Why cannot we say Business Guy instead of Business Man???


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