Be a good reader

Before I begin to introduce any word, I want to apologise to all of you for missing to publish the weekly post last week, I was just busy a little bit. But for now, let us discuss our new issue here.

Reading, this magical word which opens the world of knowledge in your mind; who does not know the benefit of reading, and how provide us the knowledge and makes us contemporaneous, and always up-to-date with every modern thing around us. We find the person who reads always a cultured person, have many information about -nearly- everything, and has a calm personality. So that Reading is very important for us.

However, many if us cannot choose the suitable book, or after reading some chapters we find the book speak about something else we do not need to know! How to skip this problem?? OK, follow me in this short points to help each other to be GOOD READERS.

  1. Read about the author: It is essential to know the author and his/her interests, specialism, and tends toward the topics you are going to read about.
  2. Read about the book: Now, it is the turn to read about the book itself, open wikipedia or Good Reads and take a look at the book.
  3. Read the introduction and the table of contents: YES! It is a very very important step, reading the introduction will help you to know the idea that the book deals. The introduction will give you great information support you to understand the content of the book. In addition to, reading the table of content will also help you to know what this book contains between its two covers through reading the titles and subtitles of the book. If you feel boring from reading the book’s introduction, how will you stand to read the whole book? Reading the introduction also will support you to know the objects you should know after finishing reading the book. Also reading the introduction and the table of content will help you to find out the next point.
  4. Look at the language: Here, I do not mean to talk about the language such as English, French, Greek, etc… I mean the linguistic level, you may be a novice in some language, but the book uses an advanced level of language. Do not worry, you will find a book about the topic you need, in your linguistic level.
  5. Divide the book content into minimal parts: Our minds feel shocked when we come to deal with a big thing (big in size, or in importance), so that, when you come to deal with any big matter (not just reading a book), try to divide this objects into small pieces, and put in your time table, everyday or every hour you will finish some part of this object.

Those were some tips about skipping the mood of boring when we come to read some book we do not have any desire actually to open any piece of paper in it. This post is up-to-date … so, it may be changed over the time by adding or removing some tips. And you also can contribute to improve any articles here by sharing your opinions or suggestions in comments.


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