Three YouTube Channels for learning English British Accent

Now, YouTube became the second most used search engine after Google, because you can find everything you are looking for on this amazing platform. Here we are presenting 3 YouTube channels for learning the British Accent:

#1 – BBC Learning English:

BBC Learning English slogan (Learn, share and enjoy English)

When we talk about English, British English, we cannot ignore the most popular resource for learning English. BBC provides fantastic services for learning such as Website, Radio, and sure its YouTube channel. The channel presents many videos about British English culture, pronunciation, grammar, and etc…
For me, my favourite playlists on BBC are: Shakespeare speaks & Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop
The link: Channel | Website

#2 – Jade Joddle:

Jade Joddle

This beautiful lady presents fantastic videos on YouTube about the British English Speaking Skills, and how to talk as a native, she also presents lessons about the Cockney language that used in the British society (e.g. in London).
Jade has two channels on YouTube, a personal one administrated by her, and another one belongs to EngVid website and channels.
The links: Jade Joddle | English Jade – Learn English (engVid) | Jade Joddle Official Site

#3 – Anglo-Link:

Anglo-Link logo with the slogan phrase “English Made Easy”

Another lady presents another videos on another YouTube channel. This channel focuses on the vocabulary, grammar, and Speaking and listening Skills. There is another channel belongs to her called: AngloLinkTV but it includes only 2 videos, while she hardly presents videos on YouTube (as I do 🙂 ), but certainly you will enjoy learning English with this simple and attractive explanations.
The links: Anglo-Link | AngloLinkTV |

At the end of my post I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy learning English in the British way 🙂 . In this article I presented to you 3 famous and popular YouTube Channels teach British English: BBC Learning English, Jade Joddle, and Anglo Link. If you have any other YouTube channels present lessons about the British Accent please share it with us in the comments below; and also if you have any question, notices, or suggestions please leave a comment because your opinion is a matter for me.


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