El-Nayrouz Feast | New Coptic Year

What is Nayrouz:

1st of Tout 1732 (m) is the first day in the Coptic Calender -The head of the Coptic year- and the Copts made this day as a remembrance of the martyring of the Coptic martyrs whom dead on the hand of Diocletian.
At 20 November in 284, King Diocletian became the king of the Roman Empire. and at the beginning of his period he was lenient with all religions in his Empire, but after short time in 286 A.D. -after two years- he changed his mind toward the religions and decided to excruciate and kill all Christians or force them to the idolatrousness, and he thought that the Christians will fear from this acts and switch to idolatrousness.
But the real is something, most -unless all- of the Christians did not change their religion and worship the idol. This reaction drives Diocletian to nervous and he decided to exterminate the Christians in his Empire.
In 286 the Copts in Egypt decided to turn the date to ZERO, so, the date will be 001 instead of 286. Diocletian stilled on the throne 21 years, from 286 until 305, in this period he excruciate a lot of Copts, and some historians said that Diocletian excruciated and murdered over 18,000 martyrs. One of these martyrs was St. George, who was excruciated within seven years then Diocletian gave the order to cut his head, and the Coptic church consider him as “The Prince of the Martyrs”.

St-George kills a dragon.
St-George kills a dragon.

El-Nayrouz in the Coptic culture:

The Copts celebrate El-Nayrouz feast with the date palm and the Guava. It is not randomly but every one of them has specific meaning. The colour of the date palm is red refers to the bloods of the martyrs, the heart is white refers to the pure and peaceful heart of the martyrs, and the seed inside the date palm is so hard refers to the power of martyrs and how they were so strong. The same with the guava, the heart is white refers to the martyrs heart, and includes a lot of seeds refers to the uncounted number of the martyrs. And the Copts have chose these fruit because this is the season of growing the dates and the guavas.

The history of word Nayrouz:

The source of word Nayrouz is the Coptic word “Naro’oh” means “The bless”, and after the coming of the Greeks to Egypt, the Greeks added the syllable (os) to the word “Naro’oh” to be “Naro’os”, and the word is developed to “Naros” and “Niros”, but after the coming of the Arabians to Egypt they replaced the sound /r/ with the sound /l/ to be “Nilos” then removed the syllable (os) to be “Nile” but now we pronounce it as “Nayrouz” and the “El” is the article of definition in the Arabic language.

The Coptic months:

At the end I like to tell you what is the Coptic months:

  1. Tut.
  2. Babah.
  3. Hatur.
  4. Kiahk.
  5. Tubah.
  6. Amshir.
  7. Baramhat.
  8. Baramudah.
  9. Bashans.
  10. Baounah.
  11. Abib.
  12. Misrah.
  13. Nissieh “Small month, just 6 days”.

Now I want to say to all of you, Happy New Coptic Year 🙂

Good bye and thanks for your following 😀


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    1. Thanks buddy for your encouraging 🙂 I hope this article to be useful for you 😀


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