Language problems #2

Someone tries to remember the word “Internet Medicine”

On 7/13/2015 I published my last article “Language Problems #1 it was speaking about four problems we meet when we try to learn a new language besides our mother tongue. Now, we going to explain and get the solutions for new three problems may be any one faces so much, OK, let us begin.

IV. My age is too old to learn a language:

May be some one says: “Now I am a big man and my skills became very bad to learn a new language, and I cannot gain new vocabulary”. Do you know? The age is not a reason for not learning a new language. As I said at the first paragraph, “Change your motivation” and you can relate the words with pictures and things around you … And do not forget, you will memorise a lot of vocabulary during the practicing.

V. I cannot understand what I listen:

Yes, it is a real problem, but you k now what? No problem without solution 🙂 But how to solve this hard issue?

  • Just listen and focus on the track.
  • Close your eyes to can focus.
  • Do not think, because you will not understand what is this man saying when this man speaks and the other man too at the same time!! And the same issue when you thing during you listen.
  • Listen the one track for more than one day, to can recognise to the pronunciation and how the persons in the track speak.

VI. I feel shyness when I communicate with foreigners:

Look, They will not eat you! Do not afraid, the foreigners like when they share their culture with the world and know about the others culture. So, do not afraid, may be you will feel Confusedly but after many times you will do this very nice.

OK, that is everything for today … if you have some question, or a problem, or anything else, please leave a comment and I will answer … SEE YOU 😉

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