Language problems #1

Someone tries to remember the word “Internet Medicine”

Before anything, I am very sorry for this absent but really I was very busy, so I am sorry for this 😦 .

At 9th of may in 2015 I wrote an article called “Gain Another Language”, it was talking about learning languages and how to learn another language besides your mother tongue; but at this article I will discuss with you what are the problems that make us cannot learn a new language, and how to pass this problem.

I. The motivation:

How come? Simply, if you want to learn new language for passing an exam or to impress people and pay their attention toward you, you will not learn anything and always you will make mistakes. :(.

But if you changed your motivations to the positive, you will success 😀 for example: I want to learn new language because I like this language, to read books, to can watch movies or listen music and understand what the artists say, or to be able to communicate with other people and recognise to their culture. All of them are positive motivations help you to learn any language you like :).

II. I do not have the talent:

Some people say: “I have no talent or the language Gen, so I cannot learn any language”. When you say that you should think little about it … I have not the talent, but how the talent will help me if it was existed??
The talent or the language Gen just make me better than the others with a small percentage. This percentage makes me gain some skill naturally, without any affords, but I can convey to this percentage with working. If some boy who is has the talent is better than me by 15%, but I can work hard extra 15% to be like him and better. Remember that, the people who are talented did not reach this level of experience with no effort; NO, they worked to improve their level and be better that themselves. So, the talent is not an excuse.

III. I cannot travel anywhere:

Some people tell that: “I cannot travel anywhere. It is expensive!”. Who told you that you will go here or there? If you read this article that means you have an Internet in your home, so, you can use this Internet to learn any language you need and practice it with native speakers on any social media supports the vocal and visual communication like: Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Hangouts, and more…

OK, that is the first part of “Language Problems” series. What more about it. If you have any problem, any comment, or any idea you can leave it in a comment and I will answer … Good bye


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