Manage your time


HELLO, everybody! YES, I know, I did not write and absented for along time, but really that was not my mistake because as you know, this is examinations season 😦 So I decided that to manage my time to can take care of my education and exams and to keep on touch with you on the blog.

Time Management
Time Management

So, the question here is: How to manage my time? I have many things to do but I have no time to do all of them. I want to do blah blah blah, and blah blah blah, but I do not know how come? My time is not helping me to do that. 😦 In this article I will share nice ways with you to can manage you time well.

Effective time management start with clear vision and goals
The effective time management

1- Do a timeline:

The first thing you should do is doing a timeline to manage your time. Get a paper and devide it to two columns, one for the times and the other for the action.

Ex: 6:30 am → I will wake up and go to wish my face and my teeth. 7:00 am → I will take my breakfast. 7:35 am → I will go to my school.

OK, to do that you should look after some points:

  • Add the things what you can do at this day to the timeline.

  • Do not crowd your day with events that you are not able to do.

  • Do not ignore the breaks and the relaxation times.

  • Achieve 50% of the plan (timeline) at least.

2- The notifications:

If you can not apply the last way you can try this one. Imagine that: You have things to do but you do not know how to do all of them at one day!

  1. Prepare a paper and write down what you want to do at this day.

  2. Put the time that you will take besides the action you will do.

  3. Cancel the things will take along time and prorogate to another day.

  4. Put a break among every event you will do, like 30 minutes for example.

  5. Use your alarm to warn and remain you for every event.

Some tips:

Now, you have known how to manage your time. But I need to remain you for some tips and advices, like:

  • During your break, avoid any thing takes your time.

  • The most important things you must do at the beginning of the day.

  • Do not ignore the breaks.

  • Achieve 50% of your plan at least.

  • Close any thing that can take your time.

At the end I want to thank you for reading, and if you have other ways to manage the time please share it with us. Good bye and HAVE A NICE TIME.


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