Gain another language


As a student at one of the languages and translations faculties, many people ask me everyday “How to learn another language besides my mother tongue?”. OK, in this post I will give you some tips to learn and gain other languages:

  1. If you want to learn a new language, but you do not know any thing about it, you should learn the basics (at least), like: the letters or the numbers, to be able to read the texts.
  2. Look for any specialized place can give you the basics of this language … because you cannot learn it alone with yourself.
  3. Listen, listen, listen and do not stop listening: To can recognize the differences among the different sounds in this language, you have to listen more even if you did not understand any word.
  4. Watch a lot of movies without subtitles or with the target language subtitle, by that, you will focus your ears on the sounds and your eyes on the words, to can understand how the sound is pronounced. The suitable type of movies I advice you to watch is the Action Movies. And you can watch the kids programmes and cartoons.
  5. When you watch or listen any word, try to speak as the speaker did, it will help you to be fluent.
  6. Read a lot of books to can gain more vocabulary and write it down to can memories those words quickly. You can read the kids story in the beginning, it is too simple.
  7. Get more expressions and try to apply it in you daily life.
  8. Possess any grammar book contain exercises to can apply what you learnt, and try to use it in your daily life.
  9. DO NOT APPLY your mother language grammars and expressions in the new language.
  10. Try to communicate with any native speaker of this languages to improve your speaking skill.
  11. Do not shy to speak in this language because you afraid to make mistakes. NO! You must practice it.

I hope that this post will be a good introduction or process for learn any language you want to learn, and sure I will write another post about the languages but not now 😦 … If you have any question, leave it in the comments, I will respond all of them 🙂

Good bye now and see you later.


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